vintage superscope amplifier  It was not the Marantz company that bought Superscope. As a matter of fact it was
Saul Marantz who sold his legendary brand to the Superscope Company in 1964.
Their management increasingly moved the production line to Japan. Therefore
this Superscope QA-420 strictly speaking is part of the greater Marantz family.

But if it's a Marantz, why does it have so many knobs? In the year 1974 a word
spread across the land: Quadrophony! This elegant amplifier comes with a
woodcase and distributes the signal from SQ-mastered records
as well as
ordinary signals
to four spatially dispersed speakers at 15 wpc .
vintage luxman amplifier The massive Sonab  sound monsters required an appropriate power feed.
None of my regular vintage receivers could ease their hunger.
Now a refurbished Luxman SQ-507x makes the sonabs sing!