vintage lenco turntable  Being Swiss, the choice of my turntable was obvious: Make it a Lenco! But before I
bumped into any fancy gear I had to put up with a deck that does not live up to
the fame of a swiss made product since it already was manufactured in Italy.

While the Lenco L90 certainly is not the flagship of their european built decks it
faithfully ploughs the grooves of my records day-in day-out. It was produced in
the late seventies and featured a belt-driven platter with an auto-stop drive
and was tastefully incorporated in a plinth with neat rounded angles.
vintage lenco turntable  My second deck has become something of a hidden gem for audiophiles in Europe.
Although it is equipped with a rather heavy tonearm it will convince even purists
with its more than reasonable fidelity when it comes to sound reproduction.

Some engineers claim that by refurbishing or even modifying the Lenco L75 it
will play in the same league as some true high end decks. Therefore it comes
as no surprise that in spite of its idler wheel people all over the world love it.
vintage lenco turntable And when I finally found this elusive deck, I plowed my records with it only
to find that after the final chord they keep revolving in white noise. How
unsophisticated! The same day I sold the Lenco L75, I bought a Lenco
L78 from a student. Now even the most dreamy record ends with the
unsettling clonk of the (mechanical) auto-stop. Marvellous.