vintage sonab speakers 
Here is the reason for my inappropriate absence: the rare and fantastic surround speaker Sonab OA-2212

They were lying around for years in one of my best mate's warehouse. The condition was according and thus a speaker buff had to take over. Michael Ammann replaced the mid/low speakers with up-to-date
drivers. All modifications were professionally done and accurately documented, the result is over-

The musicality of my JBLs featuring the Advent's low bass (25Hz), the Translinear's abundance,
the sum of all this combined in the engulfing surround experience developed by the swedish
speaker guru Stig Carlsson. This possibly is the last acquisition in my collection, my exit
speaker, of sorts.

I could go on and on and on but I'll rather listen to their sweet sound instead!
vintage advent speakers  When searching the web for a good vintage speaker one model gets mentioned in
almost every american hifi message board: the New Large Advent. I simply had
to track down one of these, but I might as well have set out to search for the
proverbial needle in the haystack. However, one day I spotted two of these
babies – in a haystack!

Impatiently I connected them to my Sherwood S-8900A and listened to
them for a very long time. The deep frequencies were impressive and
on a good day I would call the sound "very open". They are fun, but
on a number of recordings the highs come across a little bit harsh.
«Recap!», I hear you shout, and maybe you are absolutely right.
vintage translinear speakers  In my opinion the loudspeakers are the crucial component of any stereo system. The
search for the best alternative has sent me to peculiar places at home and abroad,
giving me endless hours of obsessive pleasure. The first time any promising
candidate sparks its acoustic fireworks within your own four walls you may
find yourself glued to your couch with an insane smile on your childish face.

However, this will only happen if the quality of reproduction exceeds all
the speakers you have auditioned before. This moment of perfect bliss
overwhelmed me with this system that I had never heard of before.
When I bought the Translinear TL-10 from a senior hifi buff I
had no clue as to what was in store for me. Up to the present
day it should excel all other loudspeakers in my collection.
Unfortunately so.
vintage jbl speakers  The only way to pursue my delightful search was to give those Translinear TL-10 to
an audiophile friend of mine. The game was on again and I stumbled across a set
of JBL L19, which struck me with their dynamics and a swinging musicality.
Back in the seventies the L series were considered the reference in home
speakers since they had evolved from their successful monitor JBL 4301.

Although being far from a linear speaker the L19 handles all kinds of
hard- and software with ease and allows for pleasurable listening
sessions of hours on end. These two chaps had been given new
surrounds for extra longevity!
vintage sonab speakers  Early on in my collector's carreer I stumbled across this cube in astonishment. What
on earth was this? And who built it? The web held the answer: this was the ortho-
acoustic speaker Sonab OD-11 built in the seventies. What can it come up with?

First of all it looks very cool and it will emit the sound diagonally upward
through a Peerless mid-woofer and a conetweeter. It has a BRT below for
bass enhancement, which altogether creates a surprisingly enjoyable
surround experience. Definitely no high end, but loads of vintage fun!

vintage psi speakers I had to get rid of my Canton Karat 300 which I had bought for way too much money.
They were lacking some mids while their highs and lows were getting on my nerves.
So I rode to my favourite vintage dealer and hoped for a reasonable trade-in.

He offered me a fraction of the price I had paid and gloomily I glanced around.
When these noble speakers met my I eyes and they read "made in switzerland"
the deal was settled. Those were exquisite PSI Audio Duo 4 from Yverdon!