vintage marantz cd player  In 1983 Marantz developed together with Philips the legendary CD-73, which marks the
shift from top to front loading mechanisms. The cast-iron CDM drive built by Philips
however remains visible under a glass pane. Its tricolored display makes it an
elusive beauty.

Handling and sound retain the analog approach: the tracks cannot be accessed
directly and in spite of a 14-bit conversion the sound is wonderfully rich. Due
to its rareness this beautiful Marantz CD-73 will remain a dream for many
friends of vintage high fidelity.

CHF 300.-
vintage marantz cd player Hifi lovers revere the costly built Marantz CD-74 as the masterpiece of its highly
acclaimed designer Ken Ishiwata. Regardless of any economical restraints he
could fit this tank-like unit with nothing but the best components available
on the market, resulting in a massive strongbox weighing over 20 lbs.

The sturdy design is contrasted by its proverbial subtlety and richness of the
output. For many vintage collectors the Marantz CD-74 is hands down the
best CD player that has ever been built by the famed Marantz Corporation.