django  This is me, Urs Cech, from Basel, a small city in the northwestern corner of Switzerland.
Throughout my life I have listened to music, at the age of 14 I bought my first receiver,
a pre-owned JVC VR-5505L. New systems and listening habits have crossed my dusty
trail until I finally returned on the path of the righteous in 2010: when my sore eyes
settled on a Sony STR-6036 my old love for vintage hifi set my heart on fire again.

Neither do I have a perfect pitch nor can I make sense of all those technical
specifications. This ignorance enables me to fully focus on the fun these
great devices are giving me. Do they appeal to my eye? Can I afford
them? Are they in a good working condition? Do they sound reaso-
nably well? One thing is for sure: I know when I am having fun.

hog This is my hog, a Moto Guzzi California III. She has been taking me to many wondrous
places. Riding on an empty winding road is as addictive as collecting vintage hifi.
In the best of all cases some dusty old gear awaits me at the end of a careless
ride through the countryside. A thrift store, a flea-market, a private seller –
when I find a device which has that special something I am a happy camper.

This website is dedicated to all vintage lovers and displays some of the
lucky finds. By now they are piling up in my flat so that it is not that
unlikely I would part with some of them. No matter why you came
here, my email is on the main page for any further exchange.

I would like to thank the following boards for priceless insights:
hifi-forum  hifi-studio  fertinger  audiokarma  thevintageknob